An introduction to me, my story, slow living, and why I'm starting Quiet Matters.

Two years ago I was meant to be living the dream - self employed, working around my children, able to cook from scratch, and in charge of my own destiny . The reality was that I was ruled by work, not sleeping nearly enough, and I needed to make real conscious change to a slower way of life before I could begin to experience the life that I dreamed of.

My goal with Quiet Matters is to provide you with not only wild inspiration to live a life that is more joyful and more fulfilled, and also to equip you with real practical steps you can take to move yourself closer to that life.

Some episodes in Series 1 will be accompanied by free downloads, others by simple takeaway actions. My hope is that you pick and choose the areas you want to work on, and move forwards with kindness to yourself and excitement for the future.