Quiet Matters episode 1: Creating a slow living manifesto

This very first episode is all about creating your own set of values and priorities when it comes to living a slower, more meaningful life. I’m walking you through my own slow living manifesto, and then I’ll help you create your own version.

My own slow living manifesto

In short my manifesto consists of my core values:

  • Connection.

  • Home and living space.

  • Seasonal rhythm.

  • Creativity

  • Quietude

I have expanded on each of these in the podcast episode and written a full version of my own manifesto in this blog post.

Free downloads


I’ve created this free eight page download to help you uncover your own slow living manifesto. Click here to download your guide.

On the subject of free downloads, you can also download Seasonal Shift: Early Spring, a slow living guide to the new season by signing up to my weekly emails. You can read more about Seasonal Shift: Early Spring here, or go straight to sign up for my weekly emails.

Show notes and links

As always, if you have any feedback on this episode or any topics you’d like me to cover in a future episode, please do email me at jo@ochreandflax.co.uk or tag me on instagram @ochreandflax.