Quiet Matters episode 5: rejecting the myth of rejecting the myth of doing it all (no, that’s not a typo)

There is a lot of talk online about rejecting the myth of doing it all. But at the same time as we’re seeing this theoretically empowering message, we’re also seeing (often in exactly the same place) a lifestyle that is more or less perfect, where someone clearly is doing it all and is living a lifestyle that is perhaps a lot busier and more full on than it appears in the carefully curated world of a social media feed or a YouTube channel.

What I want to do is genuinely give up on the myth of doing it all. I want to embrace a life that is a bit less picture perfect but contains a whole lot more of what I love. In this episode I’m talking through why we need to own rejecting that myth and allow our lives to not be picture perfect. I’m also discussing some ways to accept the joy of doing less, and some tips and tricks for abandoning the myth of doing it all in your own life.

show notes and links

  • Create your own slow living manifesto with Episode 1.

  • My hand poured spring blend essential oil candles.

  • Co-mentoring - I realise I mentioned this but didn’t explain it. In short, it’s a bit like life coaching, but with a friend or colleague, and you coach each other. There is a brilliant co-mentoring podcast, Friends With Business Benefits.

  • If you need productivity help, Josephine Brooks is the productivity guru.

  • Wobbel boards. Cannot recommend highly enough.

  • Wild garlic recipes: I love the look of these potato scones, pesto and humous.

Quiet Matters Episode 4: Seasonal Living - the why, the what and the how

This episode of the podcast is all about exploring seasonal living in a bit more depth. I’ve mentioned it several times already during previous episodes, and I wanted to really focus on it and talk to you about both why we do it and the benefits for us, and then how we actually go about it.

Engaging with the seasons isn’t about living in an off grid yurt and being outdoors at any cost. But if you’re looking for a way to begin to connect with the world around you, seasonal living is the most wonderful, and highly accessible, place to start. Whether it’s simply standing outside your front door in the sunshine or heading out for multi-day mountain hikes, there is going to be a way you can incorporate the seasons into your life.

Free download


In the episode I mention my free download Seasonal Shift: Early Spring. Although we’re getting into the body of the season now, I hope this guide will still provide you with plenty of inspiration for enjoying the season around you. Download by clicking the image above or here.

Show notes and links

Quiet Matters Episode 3: why slow business is a good thing

This week I’m opening the conversation about slow business, and why I think it’s such a positive thing for my business, and almost any creative business.

I’m talking a little about my own business journey to this point, which is definitely busy-and-frenetic rather than anything that could be described as slow. I’m talking about why Ochre & Flax is different, and how I’m planning to uphold my own values within the business.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers about running a slow business, but I do hope to reclaim the term and to start the conversation around running a business which feels genuinely good, both in terms of what I’m making and how it’s fitting in with the rest of my life.

Show notes and links

Some links may be affiliate, which means I may receive a receive a small payment if you make a purchase after clicking a link.

Quiet Matters episode 2: Creating moments of slow with children

This episode of the podcast is a discussion around creating moments of slow when you have older children, although I hope it will provide inspiration whatever stage of family life you’re at.

I get really honest and discuss the areas where we are winning - and losing - at slow living and slow parenting with our own children (aged 4, 7 and 10), and which values we truly hold when it comes to seeking out those ever more rare and precious moments of slow as our children grow.

Free download


I created another download, because I love you. This one is just a short checklist and brainstorming guide, designed very much to accompany the episode rather than to stand alone, to help you figure out your own priorities and areas of focus when it comes to finding moments of slow with children. You can get it by clicking on the image above, or here.

Show notes and links

Some links may be affiliate links, which means I may receive a receive a small payment if you make a purchase after clicking a link.

As always, if you have any feedback on this episode or any topics you’d like me to cover in a future episode, please do email me at jo@ochreandflax.co.uk or tag me on instagram @ochreandflax.

Quiet Matters episode 1: Creating a slow living manifesto

This very first episode is all about creating your own set of values and priorities when it comes to living a slower, more meaningful life. I’m walking you through my own slow living manifesto, and then I’ll help you create your own version.

My own slow living manifesto

In short my manifesto consists of my core values:

  • Connection.

  • Home and living space.

  • Seasonal rhythm.

  • Creativity

  • Quietude

I have expanded on each of these in the podcast episode and written a full version of my own manifesto in this blog post.

Free downloads


I’ve created this free eight page download to help you uncover your own slow living manifesto. Click here to download your guide.

On the subject of free downloads, you can also download Seasonal Shift: Early Spring, a slow living guide to the new season by signing up to my weekly emails. You can read more about Seasonal Shift: Early Spring here, or go straight to sign up for my weekly emails.

Show notes and links

As always, if you have any feedback on this episode or any topics you’d like me to cover in a future episode, please do email me at jo@ochreandflax.co.uk or tag me on instagram @ochreandflax.