Quiet Matters episode 5: rejecting the myth of rejecting the myth of doing it all (no, that’s not a typo)

There is a lot of talk online about rejecting the myth of doing it all. But at the same time as we’re seeing this theoretically empowering message, we’re also seeing (often in exactly the same place) a lifestyle that is more or less perfect, where someone clearly is doing it all and is living a lifestyle that is perhaps a lot busier and more full on than it appears in the carefully curated world of a social media feed or a YouTube channel.

What I want to do is genuinely give up on the myth of doing it all. I want to embrace a life that is a bit less picture perfect but contains a whole lot more of what I love. In this episode I’m talking through why we need to own rejecting that myth and allow our lives to not be picture perfect. I’m also discussing some ways to accept the joy of doing less, and some tips and tricks for abandoning the myth of doing it all in your own life.

show notes and links

  • Create your own slow living manifesto with Episode 1.

  • My hand poured spring blend essential oil candles.

  • Co-mentoring - I realise I mentioned this but didn’t explain it. In short, it’s a bit like life coaching, but with a friend or colleague, and you coach each other. There is a brilliant co-mentoring podcast, Friends With Business Benefits.

  • If you need productivity help, Josephine Brooks is the productivity guru.

  • Wobbel boards. Cannot recommend highly enough.

  • Wild garlic recipes: I love the look of these potato scones, pesto and humous.