Introducing a summer blend: Rebalance

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I could not be any more proud of this blend if I tried. It’s not the most obvious combination of essential oils, but each one has been picked to bring you back together when you’re feeling scattered, to ground you in the space where you belong, and to send you forward into whatever you’re doing with calmness and ease. I have loved working my through the various test iterations of this candle, working closer and closer to the perfect oil blend and enjoying both the everyday and the far more unusual oils in this blend.

It also happens to be the most complex essential oil blend I’ve ever made for a candle, with 15 essential oils from classic lavender to hard to source but utterly glorious helichrysum.

The smell is incredible, somehow neither floral nor herbal nor woody, but occupying a heavenly space somewhere in between. The addition of a couple of my very favourites, neroli and jasmine essential oils, elevates this blend into something incredibly special, while still giving the gentle feel of a warm summer’s day. Whether you are a firm believer in the benefits of aromatherapy or simply enjoy a divine scent, this essential oil blend will deliver what you need it to.

Each essential oil in this blend has been chosen for its reputation for rebalancing, grounding, centering, and this candle has become a go-to one for me to light when I know I have a busy day ahead. It gathers me together and sends me forward into the day with the right frame of mind to tackle whatever lies ahead.

  • Basil oil is more commonly used for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, but it is also thought to strengthen resolve (I love this, as a frequently unsure creative soul) and provide mental clarity. Interestingly, it doesn’t smell much like like basil leaf in essential oil form, carrying a more spicy, almost liquorice like aroma which blends seamlessly with the other oils in this combination.

  • Bergamot, as with almost all oils from the citrus family, is known to combat symptoms of anxiety and depression - citrus oils have well researched mood boosting properties, and this most floral of them all is one of my very favourite essential oils, with its delightful floral-but-citrus aroma - one of the few I can put in a candle or diffuser by itself and really enjoy.

  • Clary sage has calming, soothing properties as well as a gentle herbal/floral combination scent, which make it impossible to resist adding to this blend. Please note (and do your own research) that pregnant women are generally advised to avoid clary sage until the later stages of pregnancy.

  • Elemi has a scent not dissimilar to frankincense; somewhat spicy and citrussy. Considered a transcendent oil, it was believed in Ancient Egyptian times to aid the soul’s transition to the next realm of existence. But these days we’re content to enjoy its reputation for combating fatigue while still alive.

  • Frankincense is a wonder oil, used in a whole host of products from skincare to fragrance to alternative medicine. It is said to restore a calm mental state, and has been shown to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

  • Geranium is another one which has been in use since the early days of Ancient Eqypt. The essential oil is widely considered a go-to for relieving anxiety and depression.

  • Helichrysum is a new favourite of mine. In ancient Greek times the flowers were dried and offered to the gods - its alternative name is immortelle, and it was (and is) thought to have all sorts of age-defying properties when used in skincare. When it comes to aromatherapy, it is thought to be simultaneously soothing and energising, bringing the body back to a state of balance.

  • Jasmine is such a special oil. Almost as precious as rose, it has a unique perfume which is incomparable to any other essential oil - it has been used in perfumes for millennia. Studies have shown that jasmine essential oil is activating for the body, promoting mental alertness and relieving low moods.

  • Lavender is well known for being soothing, calming but still uplifting. I don’t think anyone would argue with the joy of inhaling this glorious traditional scent and the benefits it can provide.

  • Lemon, another citrus oil, is seen as an excellent stress reliever and mood booster, and the fresh zingy scent elevates floral oil blends out of that heaviness they can sometimes take on.

  • Mimosa has a warming aroma, somewhat honey-like and sweet. It is used for its harmonising properties in aromatherapy, bringing the body back to a state of balance.

  • Neroli is another super-stress buster, known to be calming. This precious oil is extracted from orange blossoms, and carries a delicate citrus/floral aroma.

  • Roman chamomile is (of course) a form of chamomile, which, as we all know, makes the ultimate soothing bedtime tea, because of its relaxing effect on the body. The essential oil is no different (but far more potent) and the sweet smell of this oil is a joy as well.

  • Rose geranium is said to increase optimism and emotional stability and with its similarity to rose essential oil, it adds a delicacy to Rebalance’s scent profile.

  • Ylang ylang is known as a natural energiser and mood enhancer. It’s one of those generally uplifting scents which nicely offsets the sweeter floral smells in this blend.

(Usual caveat here - essential oils are not a replacement for pharmaceuticals. This candle is, I hope, rebalancing and soothing, but is not a substitute for seeking treatment for a long term low mood. Sending love and support your way if you need it).