Introducing a summer blend: Into The Rose Garden


In these final few days before I release the summer aromatherapy candles in all their glory, I want to introduce you to the season’s blends in more depth - the oils, the benefits, and how they can support you to live a joyful, creative life in tune with the seasons.

Into The Rose Garden was designed to be inspiring and mood boosting, an aroma which nurtures the headspace for creative thinking and problem solving. I hope it will be the one you turn to when, despite having made time and space to work on a project, you still feel a bit bleak and can’t quite find the energy or enthusiasm to get stuck into it. From soothing vetiver and anxiety combating rose to focus-enhancing sandalwood and uplifting ylang ylang, each component has been carefully chosen for its mood boosting and clarity-finding properties, helping you move past the creative hump in the road and get on with what you love.

It doesn’t hurt, of course, that the end result is precisely reminiscent of a stroll through an English garden early on a summer’s morning. All you need to provide is the hot beverage of choice to sip as you go. Whether you are a firm believer in the benefits of aromatherapy or simply enjoy a divine scent, this essential oil blend 100% delivers.

I knew when I started on this blend that I wanted to base it on rose essential oil, one of the most precious oils on the planet. I didn’t choose it purely for its glorious aroma (although that’s honestly reason enough), but for the reputation it has for mood improvement, promoting hope and joy and combating feelings of anxiety and depression. A low mood can be such a barrier to creativity, and whether the benefits it provides are due to the therapeutic benefits of the essential oil or simply the glorious aroma, this candle is designed to inspire and uplift you all the way through that blue mood and into the rose garden beyond.

(Usual caveat here - essential oils are not a replacement for pharmaceuticals. This candle is, I hope, uplifting and inspiring, but is not a substitute for seeking treatment for a long term low mood. Sending love and support your way if you need it).

Let’s break it down and look at each of the oils in this blend:

  • Black pepper is a bit of a wonder oil, and totally under-rated by those who don’t appreciate the benefits of this heady spice. Black pepper is said to clear the mind, providing both focus and, crucially for this blend, stress relief. Academic research suggests that piperine, a key component of black pepper, improves serotonin regulation.

  • Geranium has been in use since the early days of Ancient Eqypt (this blows my mind). The essential oil, which has a delicate floral aroma, is a go-to for relieving anxiety and depression.

  • Lavender, most famous of the essential oil family, is well known for its soothing, calming and uplifting properties. I think we all recognise and appreciate the joy of inhaling this glorious traditional essential oil.

  • Palma rosa, despite the name, is actually extracted from a grass, but its scent is so similar to rose that it is frequently used as a substitute. It’s scent isn’t the only reason it was chosen here though - palma rosa is reputed to relieve nervous exhaustion and anxiety, and to promote relaxation.

  • Patchouli might be the scent of the hippy generation, and be too musky for heavy use by itself, but carefully blended it shares the best of itself and rounds out an essential oil blend. Patchouli is thought to be grounding and mood harmonising, combating negative moods.

  • Rose is known for its glorious aroma, but also for its mood boosting properties - it’s almost the only oil where ‘joy’ frequently crops up in articles discussing the benefits of this most magical of essential oils.

  • Rose geranium is, unsurprisingly, a geranium that smells like a rose, and it adds another, slightly fresher, dimension to rose blends. Known for increasing optimism and emotional stability, there was no way I was skipping this one.

  • Sandalwood is one of those ‘do everything’ oils, known for its anti-anxiety properties but also for supporting mental clarity and focus, and its woodsy sweet smell can often be often picked up in candle and diffuser blends. As a side note, sandalwood can be a controversial one to include, but I use only Australian sandalwood rather than support the widespread deforestation in India for the sake of purchasing from the more traditional source.

  • Vetiver is also known as the oil of tranquility, which should tell you everything you need to know about this calming, soothing oil. It is said to help combat depressive moods, inability to concentrate and anxiety, replacing them with confidence, stillness and tranquility.

  • Ylang ylang is known as a natural energiser and mood enhancer. It’s one of those generally uplifting scents which makes a great accent to a positive blend like Into The Rose Garden.

The combination of all these glorious pure essential oils makes for a scent which is positive, uplifting and, most importantly, a total delight to breathe in (and worry free, thanks to the toxin-free nature of soy wax and pure essential oils). I hope you love it as much as I’ve loved developing and pouring it.

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