Seasonal Shift: Early Summer Edition


I am slightly amazed that I have made it to the second edition of my free download, Seasonal Shift. When I released the first one, Early Spring, it felt like an age until I had to worry about the next, and I had so many business hurdles to overcome before I could get to that point. Only a few months on, I am overjoyed with how much more confident and comfortable I feel running this business of mine, the customers I’ve got to know, the feedback I’ve received, the community I’ve begun to nurture online and the creative life I’m finally beginning to lead. The check in of releasing this download has been a wonderful reminder of how much has changed since I released the first edition in late February - yet another way in which seasonal living supports me.

Seasonal Shift: Early Summer is an opportunity to slow down, to celebrate the early signs of the oncoming season and to focus on joy and creativity in this new phase of the year.

It’s a 12 page guide to early summer, complete with a ‘could do’ list of things to make, do and celebrate in the weeks to come, a simple flower arranging tutorial, and a recipe for right now, as well as an insight into my own summer manifesto and how you can create your own (it’s not tricky, and it’s not designed to be a big weighty job which is going to require acres of mental energy, just a quick and fun way to give your season a gentle focus).

In order to get your copy, all you need to do sign up to my weekly emails in the box below. My emails are a more behind the scenes look at life, an opportunity to share the lessons I’m learning about living a more joyful, creative life, about finding moments of slow and figuring out running a business that aligns with my values. And also, slightly less deep, I always include a round up of little things I’m loving right now, and what I’m up to - blog posts, podcasts and new product releases. I do hope you’ll give it a go, but if you don’t want your inbox cluttered up right now, please do feel free to subscribe and unsubscribe as you wish, and I hope to see you back here for the autumn download later in the year.

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