my story

I’ve been a writer ever since I decided to become one at the age of seven, but everything else took a little longer…

Two years ago I was busy, stressed and, well, more stressed. Having taken the decision to work from home after our first son was born over a decade ago, I felt like I should be living the creative dream - able to spend the days with my children (there are three of them now) and work on a business that fulfilled me during naps or on the weekend. The reality was very different: after several years of growing my previous business I was so busy that I spent every last minute of the day trying to squeeze in just a little more work so I could get more done from the endless to do list. I was making reasonable money but nobody, least of all me, was getting the best of me, and I was a million miles from feeling creatively fulfilled.

Eventually, I reached breaking point. Something had to shift, and in January 2017 my husband Adam and I began moving our lives towards something slower, more creative and more aligned with what I was aiming for when I first quit life as a London-based journalist.

But I still felt like something was missing - I was still working too hard, and on something that didn’t feel creatively free. I still wasn’t making time to write, to make, and to curate a beautiful space to live and work in. After much throwing around of ideas, the concept for Ochre & Flax was born quite suddenly in the autumn of 2018, and it’s been a joy ride of figuring out the details ever since (you can read more about Ochre & Flax and the ethos behind it below).

Now life is more creative, slower, more fulfilled. Business is, well, sometimes slow and sometimes fast (but always better), and I’m more than content living my life in Devon in the UK with Adam and our three children - Teddy (Theodore), Jasper (just Jasper. Sorry Jasper) and Percy (Persephone).




Like the Greek Goddess Athena, Ochre & Flax appeared fully formed (albeit within my head rather than springing out of it. Greek mythology geeks unite). After a total crisis over how to shift my work to support my creativity and our values as a family rather than drain my energy, Adam sat down and asked me what I would do if I could do anything and call it work.

The light went on and it was suddenly simple: I would do the things that are so important to me that I was trying do them even when I didn’t have time.

I would live more creatively, making time for routines and rituals that support me. I would pour healing, helping, supporting, energising aromatherapy candles. I would write, write and write some more. And I would nurture creativity, connection and joy in others, by sharing what I know and what I learn each day.

The business is simply selling candles, but I love that Ochre & Flax encompasses so much more than that. It supports both me and others in living a life that feels more creative, more true to self, more honest, more fulfilled and more connected.